Anti-Doping Rules:

Paralympics Ireland fully adhere to the Sport Ireland’s Irish Anti-Doping Rules and the International Paralympic Committee Anti-Doping Code. All Paralympic athletes and support personnel must comply with the above rules.

Taking prohibited substances to enhance an athlete’s performance is contrary to the spirit of sport. Paralympics Ireland promote health, fairness, and equality for Paralympic athletes.


Under the Sport Ireland Anti-Doping Unit remit, Paralympics Ireland is to be responsible for the sports para athletics and para swimming. All Paralympic Sports come into Paralympics Ireland remit during the Paralympic Games period.

Anti-Doping Violations:

The following are considered Anti-Doping violations:

  1. Presence of a Prohibited Substance in an Athlete’s Sample
  2. Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method
  3. Refusing or failing to do a drug test after notification
  4. Committing Three Whereabouts Failures (Filing Failures or Missed Tests) in 12 months
  5. Tampering
  6. Possession of Prohibited Substances and/or Prohibited Methods
  7. Trafficking in any Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method
  8. Administration to an Athlete of any Prohibited Method or Prohibited Substance; assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, covering up
  9. Complicity – Involvement in an ADRV committed by another person, such as helping to cover up that ADRV or avoid detection, will be sanctioned in the same way as that violation.
  10. Prohibited Association -Associating with a person such as a coach, doctor or physio who has been found guilty of an ADRV or equivalent offence to a doping violation will be sanctioned with a ban of up to 2 years.
  11. Paralympics Ireland work in conjunction with Sport Ireland Anti-Doping to ensure that all our athletes and support personnel are educated in relation to anti-doping policies and procedures.
Further Resources:

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