Paralympics Ireland and Permanent TSB are delighted to bring to you NextGen!

Season one of the Permanent TSB NextGen programme has come to an end. However, we will be back soon with more exciting opportunities to Discover Your Paralympic Potential.

To see what is involved in the Permanent TSB NextGen programme read below.


NextGen is a one-day regional opportunity to discover your paralympic potential through a range of physical challenges and exploring different Paralympic sports. There is also the opportunity to meet some of your Paralympic heroes and connect with local sports clubs to begin or continue your paralympic journey.

Do you have an eligible visual, intellectual, or physical impairment (including co-ordination impairment, limb difference, spinal injury)?

Are you currently involved in Para Sport or wish to become involved?

Do you want to be part of the next generation of Irish Paralympians?

Do you want to discover your Paralympic Potential?

If so, we want you to be part of NextGen!

NextGen is open to people ages 15 and older that have a physical, intellectual, or visual impairment, with or without previous sport experience. We also welcome current or former athletes from all levels aiming to discover a new sport that can complement their main discipline.

Following participation at NextGen participants will be signposted to the closest local sport they are interested in or to National governing bodies to develop within a chosen sport.


What will I need to do before attending the NextGen days?

You will need to register your interest through the sign-up form, we will then ask that you fill in additional information that will be sent directly to you or your parent/guardian.

What sports are involved?

Different sports are involved in different locations based on active clubs within that province.

Para Athletics

Para Archery

Para Badminton


Para Canoe

Para Cycling

Para Equestrian

Para Powerlifting

Para Rowing

Shooting Para Sport

Para Table Tennis

Para Triathlon

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Tennis

Which sport might be best for me?

You can find out more information in relation to the different Paralympic sports on our website here.

What does NextGen day look like?

NextGen days will first and foremost be a fun, sporty, and inspiring day!

What happens on each day?

You will be provided with information after you sign up on the website that includes timeslot and an overview of the day. You will arrive at the time designated, check in at the registration table and listen to a short briefing. Then go through a few different athletic challenges, trial some different sports and find out more information on sports clubs in your region.

The day is mostly focused on the challenges mentioned above, however there is a chance to try out a few sport demonstrations. The physical challenges are an opportunity for you to explore some of your general skills and aptitudes so that you can discover a range of sports that may be a good fit.

How long is each NextGen day?

Each athlete will be given a two-hour timeslot throughout the day to attend selected venues. Specific details will be provided for each venue. After your time slot for the physical challenges, you can spend the next hour speaking to representatives from different sports and engaging in the sports demonstrations.


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