In the face of the greatest challenge humanity has ever known, the world’s largest event assumes its responsibilities. The Olympic Games Paris 2024 will blaze a new trail as they will be both spectacular and sustainable. By encouraging energy conservation, innovation and creativity, Paris 2024 has developed new ways of working and brought about a new era in the organisation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In organising the first ever carbon neutral Games, Paris 2024 is striving first and foremost to set an example and follow the objectives identified in the Paris Agreement. As the Games give us an opportunity to think bigger and see further, we want to contribute to stepping up the pace of the environmental transition in sport, the regions and major events.


Placing sustainability at the heart of the Paris 2024 project

The world of sport is assuming its responsibilities for the environmental and social challenges we are facing. It identifies the impact it has in order to minimise it as well as encourage and support people and organisations to change the way the conduct themselves. For many years, each edition of the Games has sought to shoulder its responsibility in terms of the economy, society and the environment. This commitment was formalised in the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020.

Building on this momentum, Paris 2024 made setting an example in terms of environmental stewardship a major part of its bid and now its strategy. It is through this focus, inspiring us to strive for excellence, that we assess each stage of the project as it develops.

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