Paralympics Ireland Radio Show Available as a Podcast on Spotify

Paralympics Ireland have partnered with Dublin City FM 103.2 to produce ‘The Next Level, the Irish Paralympic Show. An all new, Paralympic focused, radio show that is transmitted live on the station every Wednesday at 7pm and which is co-hosted by Derek Kinnevey and two time Paralympian, James Scully. The show is now also available […]

Gary O’Reilly

GARY O’REILLY Hometown: Portlaoise, Co Laois. Coach: Ralf Lindschulten Classification: H5 handcycling Disability Group: Acquired Gary broke his back in a work-place accident in 2014. Getting fit through cycling has helped him progress to using crutches now, only using wheelchair for longer distances and he has made remarkably quick progress in international handcycling. He had […]

#TheNextLevel Fundraising Update

It has been two weeks since the Paralympics Ireland ‘The Next Level’ fundraising campaign launched on the RTE Late Late Show. So far the campaign has raised €69,412 with 1,680 donations. Paralympics Ireland are extremely grateful for every single donation and thank you for your support in Paralympics Ireland, and most importantly the support you […]

Next Level Fundraising Campaign Launched

PARALYMPICS IRELAND LAUNCHES NEW FUNDRAISING INITIATIVE ‘THE NEXT LEVEL’   The new campaign is calling on the public to help current and future Irish para-athletes to reach the next level    Paralympics Ireland has launched a new fundraising campaign to help Irish para-athletes reach the next level. ‘The Next Level’ campaign, which was launched live […]