This information provides a generic guide to classification for athletes with a vision impairment and is not to be used to make classification decisions.

In order to assess eligibility of an individual athlete with a vision impairment for a specific sport they must undergo classification with authorised classifiers using specific and objective testing.

Eligible Impairments Types:

Athletes with Vision Impairment have reduced, or no vision caused by damage to the eye structure, optical nerves or optical pathways, or visual cortex of the brain.

All athlete evaluation and sport class allocation will be based on the assessment of visual acuity in the eye with better visual acuity whilst wearing best optical correction using spectacles or contact lenses.

Vision Impairment Sport Classes Profiles:

In Paralympic Sports, these three classes equate to:

Sport Classes
Athletics T/F11 / T/F12 / T/F13
Cycling B1 / B2 / B3
Equestrian B1- Grade IV, Profile 36 / Grade V, Profile 37a
Football 5-a-side B1
Goalball* B1 / B2 / B3
Judo* B1 / B2 / B3
Rowing PR3 B1 / PR3 B2 / PR3 B3
Swimming S-SB-SM11 / S-SB-SM12 / S-SB-SM13
Triathlon PTVI1 / PTVI2 / PTVI3

*Currently limited programs offered in Ireland

How to apply for national classification:

To be eligible to apply for a national classification, athletes must:

  • Be affected by at least one impairment considered eligible by the IBSA 
  • Minimum of 13 years old
  • Be involved through the NGB in the sport which wishes to be classified for a minimum period of five months
  • Be a member of Vision Sports Ireland
  • Athletes who fulfil the criteria above should have the Medical Diagnostics Form and support eye tests completed by an ophthalmologist and submitted to classification@paralympics.ie.

Classification opportunities for athletes with vision impairment are organised by Paralympics Ireland in conjunction with the Vision Sports Ireland.

National Classification Opportunities for Vision Impairment Athletes 2022
Competition Venue Date Deadline to apply for classification
Out of competition

DIT Grangegorman,


2nd July 10th June 2022
Out of competition

DIT Grangegorman,


1st October 9th September 2022

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