Who can be a Classifier?

International Classifiers are officials trained and certified by the International Federation (IF) for that sport to assess an athlete’s eligibility for a sport and determine eligible athletes’ sport class and sport class status as a member of a classification panel.

National classifiers are registered with Paralympics Ireland. Training opportunities are organised in conjunction with the NGBs and International Sports Federation.

The classifiers carry out a range of sport and impairment specific tests that measure the athlete’s impairment against the sport’s classification rules.

Classifiers may have a wide range of expertise, including medical knowledge and sport specific expertise and technical qualifications. To be eligible for National Classifier Training in Ireland an individual must be part of either of the following

Medical Classifier:

  • For physical impairment classification: Individuals with formal training in Neuromuscular Evaluation and Training (for example doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists) who have expertise and experience in dealing with people with the impairments and activity limitations involved in the specific sport.
  • For vision impairment classification: Optometrists or ophthalmologists
  • For intellectual impairment classification: Psychologist

Technical Classifier:

Individuals with extensive coaching background in the specific sport, former athletes with a disability or those with degrees in Sports Science or Kinesiology with extensive knowledge of the impairment and activity limitations in the specific sport.

Paralympics Ireland works in partnership with the National Governing Body of sports to identify the needs for future classifier development. The process involves identifying suitably qualified and experienced individuals who are interested in becoming national classifiers in targeted sports and geographic areas. Those national classifiers who achieve a high degree of experience and excellence may have the opportunity to train to become international classifiers in due time.

A national classifier in a given sport can expect to participate in a minimum of 1 regional based classification days yearly as part of a classification panel. They may also be asked to act as part of a classification panel for their chosen sport 1-2 times yearly at National Events around Ireland.

While classifiers work in a voluntary capacity at a regional and national level, all costs associated with training and travel are covered.

To indicate an interest to become a classifier, please send the completed National classifier application form to the Paralympics Ireland Classification Manager – classification@paralympics.ie.

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