Day 02 Afternoon Report




Colin Lynch lost out on a bronze medal by .02 of a second in the Men’s Individual Pursuit C2 Bronze Medal Ride-off. Lynch had led the race up until the final moment only to lose out to 2008 Paralympic champion France’s Laurent Thirionet.

Lynch took the lead in the race from the start and maintained his advantage of between 1.5 and 2 seconds for the first 2000m. However, the experience of the Frenchman came through when he clawed his way back over the final 1000m to edge Lynch out of the medals by a heartbreaking 0.12 second.

After his race Lynch commented,

“I hadn’t met Thirionet on the track before, but I knew I had the measure of him on the road. I am very disappointed with the result, I tried a strategy and it didn’t work. Next up is the team sprint, and after that I will switch my focus to the road.”

Table Tennis
At the ExCel Arena this afternoon Philip Quinlan lost his Singles M1 Preliminary match against Great Britain’s Rob Davies 11-6, 11-6, 11-7.It was Quinlan’s first games and he spoke of the pressure, he said,

“It was a completely different atmosphere to what I faced in world and European events when qualifying for the Paralympic games.”

Rena McCarron Rooney remains hopeful that she can still progress through the Women’s F1-2 singles preliminaries. If Maha Bargouthi of Jordon who she defeated this morning can beat French favourite Isabelle Lafaye Mariziou this evening McCarron Rooney will be in with a chance of advancing. McCarron Rooney commented.

“I can still qualify now if the Jordanian girl manages to get a good win over Mariziou tonight, but I am delighted with my performance today.”

After 4 of the 14 riders have competed, Geraldine Savage riding BLUES TIP TOP TOO lies in fourth position in the Team Test Grade 1a on a score of 68.000. Helen Kearney who is competing in the same grade is yet to take to the Greenwich Park arena.


Aquatics Centre
Laurence McGivern, Swimming
100m Backstroke S9 Final

Bethany Firth, Swimming
100m Backstroke S14 Final

Olympic Park
Jason Smyth, Athletics
100m T13 Heats


Men’s Individual Pursuit C2 Bronze Medal Ride-off
Result: 1. L Thirionet (FRA) 3.53.547, 2. Colin Lynch (IRL) 3:53.667

Men’s Individual Pursuit C2 Qualifiers
Qualifiers: 1. G Liang (CHN) 3:45.828, 2. T Graf (GER) 3.47.799, 3. L Thirionet (FRA) 3.52.955, 4. Colin Lynch (IRL) 3:54.946

Individual 1KM Time Trial B
Medallists: 1 F Johnson & S Mortin (AUS) 1:08.919, 2. A McGLynn & H Scott (GBR) 1:09.469, 3. P Gray & L Thompson (NZL), 5. Catherine Walsh & Francine Meehan (IRL) 1:12.864, 7. Katie George Dunleavy & Sandra Fitzgerald (IRL) 1:14.315

Men’s Individual Pursuit C3 Qualifiers
Qualifiers: 1. J Berenyi USA 3:36.148, 2. D Nicholas (NZL) 3:36.757, 3. D Kenny (GBR) 3:37.977, 4. A Bbydennov (RSA) 3:43.244, 7. Enda Smyth (IRL) 3:47.542

Women’s 100m Backstroke S14 Heats
Qualifiers Heat 2: 1. JJ Applegate (GBR) 1:10.32, 2. Bethany Firth (IRL) 1:10.33

Men’s 100m Backstroke S9 Heats
Qualifiers Heat 2: 1. X Luiu (CHN) 1:04.91, 2. M Peters (GBR) 1:05.12, 3. T Sors (HUN) 1:05.20, 4. Laurence McGivern (IRL) 1:05.35

Men’s 400m Freestyle S8 Heats
Qualifiers Heat 1: 1. S Hynd (GBR) 4:33.25, 2. Y Wang (CHN) 4:37.86, 3. C Burkard (GER) 4:45.40, 4. Jonathan McGrath (IRL) 4:53.25 DNQ

Men’s R1-10m Air Rifle Standing-SH1
Leading Qualifiers: 1. C Dong (CHN) 596, J Neumaier (GER) 594, 3. J Jakobsson (SWE) 593, 29. Sean Baldwin (IRL) 553 DNQ

Women’s Long Jump F37/38
Medallists: 1. M Goncharova (RSA) 4.84, 2. I Stryshak (UKR) 4.79, 3. Y Cao (CHN) 4.40, 7. Heather Jameson (IRL) 4.11

Men’s Club Throw F31/32/51
Medallists: 1. Z Dimitrijevic (SRB) 26.88, 2. R Beles (CZE) 26.67, 3. L Bahlaz (ALG) 26.31,
15. John McCarthy 20.36

Table Tennis
Men’s Singles M1 Preliminaries
Rob Davies (GBR) bt Philip Quinlan (IRL) 11-6, 11-6, 11-7

Women’s Singles F1-2 Preliminaries
Rena McCarron Rooney (IRL) bt M Bargouthi (JOR) v 10-12, 12-14, 11-7, 11-3, 11-9
F Sireau (FRA) bt Eimear Breathnach (IRL) 12-14, 11-6, 5-11, 12-10, 11-3

LTAMix4+ Heats
Heat 2 Results: 1. Great Britain 3:23.59, 2. USA 3:28.36, 3. Canada 3:29.69, 5 Ireland 3:33.95

Team Test Grade IA (Ongoing)
Latest: 4. Geraldine Savage (IRL) 68.000

Team Test Grade IV
Results: 1. S Wells (GBR) 75.906, 2, M George (GER) 72,906, 3. F Hosmar (NED) 71.781, 4. James Dwyer (IRL) 69.719

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