Para Athletics Virtual Talent Search

Starting your Para-Athletics journey

  • Are you over 15 years of age?
  • Do you have an eligible visual or physical impairment (including co-ordination impairment, limb difference, spinal injury)?
  • Are you currently involved in Athletics or wish to become involved?
  • Do you dream of competing for Ireland?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Paralympics Ireland are on the look out for the next Para Athletics star, through our exciting new Virtual Talent Search programme. To start your Para Athletics journey, simply follow the instructions below to upload your videos and our expert coaches will do the rest.

Athletes wishing to apply must have at least one of the below eligible impairments: 

Hypertonia, Ataxia, Athetosis, Limb Deficiency, Short Stature, Impaired Muscle Power, Leg Length Difference, Impaired Passive Range of Movement or Visual Impairment.
For more details on each impairment, head to the classification tab on the Para Athletics homepage by clicking HERE.
What to do now
Introduce yourself by completing the application form and upload your short three minute video of you completing the movements which are explained in the talent search video above.
Alternatively, you can download the application form and email it to para-athletics@paralympics.ie and send your video via WhatsApp to 353 87 382 4976.
If under the age of 18, please have a parent or guardian complete the Parental Consent Form and include it with your application.
The deadline for applications is March 31, 2023.

Should you experience any difficulties with the application process please contact Alison at para-athletics@paralympics.ie

What happens next?
Our Para Athletics performance staff will review your application and shortlist potential athletes. If you are shortlisted, the next stage of the process will be explained to you.
Paralympics Ireland staff will look to provide feedback to all athletes who have applied.
What happens if you are successful? 
  • Signposting to an Athletics club and coach (if needed)
  • Support for national and international classification
  • Invitations to Paralympics Ireland identified competitions
  • Continued support and engagement in the Para Athletics programme
  • Athlete and coach support in some event groups

what to include in your video

Tell us a little about yourself including your name, age, impairment and your sporting experiences.

For those that can walk/run – record the following activities: 

  • Walking for 20 metres – front, back and side views
  • Running for 20 metres – front, back and side views
  • Five vertical jumps in a row followed by a stationary landing (front view only)
  • Chest pass (using a football or similar) aiming to throw as far as you can (side view with distance thrown included)
  • Standing long jump (using a tape, measure your jump from a stationary start, from the start line to where your heel lands)
  • You doing your current athletic event and times/distances (if available)
  • You doing your favourite sport if not involved in athletics.


For wheelchair users – record the following activities: 

  • Pushing for 20m – front, back and side views
  • Push from stationary to as fast as possible – side view only
  • Chest pass (using a football or similar) aiming to throw as far as you can – side view with distance thrown included
  • Overhead throw (using a tennis ball or similar) aiming to throw as far as you can side view with distance thrown included.
  • You doing your current athletics event, times/distances (if available)
  • You doing your favourite sport if not involved in athletics.


Please refer to below videos as examples of individual movements. 

Your videos can be made using your phone. Individual videos of you introducing yourself and of each of the activities can be linked together simply using apps such as iMovie (iPhone) or Quik Video Editor (Android).

If you are having any difficulty editing clips together they will be accepted individually.

individual movement videos

individual movement videos (wheelchair)

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