Paris 2024 Announces Marathon and Cycling Road Racing Courses for the Paralympics

Paris Marathon

Paris 2024 has revealed the routes for the Paralympic marathon and the Paralympic cycling road races, which will be a testament to the beauty of the “City of Light”.

For the marathon, taking place on 8 September 2024 (last day of the Paralympic Games), the 42,195 km route will have two major sections.  One will be quick and flat, crossing through nine communes of Seine-Saint Denis and another one more uneven, first heading into the right side of the capital with a tour of the Champs-Elysees and then to the left side of Paris with the finish line on the Esplanade des lnvalides.

The course will have 185 meters of positive inclination and 197 meters of negative inclination.

The Paralympic marathon will feature 80 athletes in two categories: T12 for the visually impaired and T54 for wheelchair participants.


Paul Fitzgerald, Director of World Para Athletics, stated: “On 8 September, for a few hours, millions of people around the world will focus their attention on the Paralympic marathon and will see that road running is not limited. It is a natural part of human movement and, when accessible, can be practiced anywhere in the world and at any time”.

“World Para Athletics shares the vision of Paris 2024, which wants the Paralympic marathon to connect the different parts of the city and bring Para athletics to the public”, he added.



On the other hand, Clichy-Sous-Bois was chosen as the host city for the start and finish of the Para cycling road races of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. It will open and close the 13,9 km circuit (140 positive inclination per lap), with passages in Coubron. It is described by the organisation as a strategic and technical route.

There will be four days of action for the four categories among the Paralympic cycling road events. They will be held from 4 to 7 September.

On the 5th, it will be the turn for men and women from category H (handbikes), followed on the 6th by category C (cycle) and B (blind). On the 7th, category T (tricycle) and C, plus the mixed relays of category H (on a reduced section of 1,8 km of the course),  will take the streets.

Time trial race for all categories will be on 4 September.

215 competitors and 30 guides will be taking part of Para cycling road races.


Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, said: “With the Paralympic marathon and the Para Cycling road races, we can’t wait to see the Paralympic athletes set off on demanding courses, which will put the spotlight on the territories of Paris, meeting residents and inhabitants. All along the route, access will be free for the public, so the goal is to be as numerous and numerous as possible”.

Access for fans will be free during the whole routes of both courses.

Tickets for the Paralympic games can be purchased here.

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